About us

In Sanskrit “svadharma” means to follow one’s path or do one’s duty. In doing so, we are in harmony with ourselves.

Yoga, coupled with Ayurveda the science of life, provides an individual with the tools to get happiness here and now.

The goal of Svadharma Ayur Yoga is to help individuals to progress on their own unique path in life which ultimately leads to deep personal satisfaction.

Matthieu Waddell -  E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance USA

Matthieu Waddell - E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance USA


A native of the United States, I began yoga as a pastime.

During a trip to India, a "by chance" meeting with a yoga teacher transformed my life for ever. Without knowing it, it was the beginning of a great journey in the world of  yoga.

I was trained in classical Hatha yoga (TTC and ATTC) by the Center International Sivananda de Yoga Vedanta in South India. I regularly intervene in their international programs including teacher trainings - TTC and ATTCs. This proximity with international yoga and yoga philosophy teachers, medical doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and specialists in alignment and posture provides me with a unique and holistic approach to teaching.

I also studied with ayurvedic doctors to learn how to apply the principles of ayurvdeda to vegetarian cooking.

I pursued my training with Micheline FLAK by studying Yoga Nidra according to rules defined by Swami Satyananda.

I teach dynamic and playful yoga classes for all levels and also propose workshops for beginners(yoga, meditation) as well as more advanced workshops to deepen your practice.

For me, yoga is not just about physical postures, it is a way of life.​



Guest Teacher
Early in his life Johannes (Ramdas) started a lifelong search for a real spiritual experience. During a career in international business he discovered the life-changing Sivananda yoga. Many years ago he became a yoga teacher and ever since he has been practicing and teaching traditional yoga in its globality (vedanta philosophy & tantra) with deep passion. He participates regularly in teacher training courses, advanced teacher training courses and Sadhana Intensive in the Himalayas and Europe. His classes are very energetic, joyous and dynamic. He teaches in French, English, German and Portuguese. Johannes is vegan for mainly ethical reasons (ahimsa). He is a passionate sports- and waterman (kitesurf in waves) on account of the meditative communion with nature. He plays the piano as a form of nada yoga.

Mahadev OK

Mahadev OK

Guest Teacher
Mahadev teaches traditional Hatha Yoga, vedanta and Japa, emphasizing peace of mind by energy of asanas, conscious breathing and deep relaxation. His Sivananda background and professional musician experience favour mantras chanting and positive thinking. He's been a spirit pop singer songwriter as well and has been touring the world chanting kirtans, singing his own songs and playing lots of different instruments (guitar, piano, harmonium and percussion).